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Japan Scallop Sashimi (2L) 1000gJapan Scallop Sashimi (2L) 1000g
Arctic Surf Clam Slice 160gArctic Surf Clam Slice 160g
Torigai Sushi 120gTorigai Sushi 120g
Sweet Shrimp (M) 125gSweet Shrimp (M) 125g
Tiger Shrimp Sashimi 120gTiger Shrimp Sashimi 120g
Akagai Sushi 100gAkagai Sushi 100g
Octopus Sashimi Slice 160gOctopus Sashimi Slice 160g
Tako Wasabi Seasoned Octopus 500gTako Wasabi Seasoned Octopus 500g
Cooked Tako Wasabi Octopus 500gCooked Tako Wasabi Octopus 500g
Smoked Salmon Belly 500gSmoked Salmon Belly 500g
Seasame Baby Octopus 400gSeasame Baby Octopus 400g
Sea Snail with Garlic Sauce 400gSea Snail with Garlic Sauce 400g
ITO Frozen Roasted Eel  330gITO Frozen Roasted Eel  330g