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Sicilian Garlic Butter Shrimp Skewers 180gSicilian Garlic Butter Shrimp Skewers 180g
廣東鮮蝦雲吞 (12隻)廣東鮮蝦雲吞 (12隻)
Halibut Fillets 300gHalibut Fillets 300g
急凍墨魚滑 140g
急凍蝦滑 120g
Smoked Salmon Belly 500gSmoked Salmon Belly 500g
ITO Frozen Roasted Eel  330gITO Frozen Roasted Eel  330g
Hokkaido Sea Scallop 500gHokkaido Sea Scallop 500g
Vannamei Shrimp 500gVannamei Shrimp 500g
地中海 蕃茄香草醬烤魚串 (4條) 400g
Sweet Shrimp (M) 125gSweet Shrimp (M) 125g
Hokkaido Crab Stick 250gHokkaido Crab Stick 250g
日本 特大珍寶蟹棒 240g
Seasame Baby Octopus 400gSeasame Baby Octopus 400g
Sea Snail with Garlic Sauce 400gSea Snail with Garlic Sauce 400g
USA Salmon Fillet 320gUSA Salmon Fillet 320g
Akagai Sushi 100gAkagai Sushi 100g
Japan Hiroshima Oyster 1000gJapan Hiroshima Oyster 1000g
Tiger Shrimp Sashimi 120gTiger Shrimp Sashimi 120g
Torigai Sushi 120gTorigai Sushi 120g
Arctic Surf Clam Slice 160gArctic Surf Clam Slice 160g
Sanford Greenshell Mussels (L) 1000gSanford Greenshell Mussels (L) 1000g
Vietnam Paga Fish Fillet 450gVietnam Paga Fish Fillet 450g
Octopus Sashimi Slice 160gOctopus Sashimi Slice 160g
Tako Wasabi Seasoned Octopus 500gTako Wasabi Seasoned Octopus 500g
Crab Meat Stuffed Shelf 320gCrab Meat Stuffed Shelf 320g
Japan Cooked Scallops 1000gJapan Cooked Scallops 1000g
Cooked Tako Wasabi Octopus 500gCooked Tako Wasabi Octopus 500g
Japan Scallop Sashimi (2L) 1000gJapan Scallop Sashimi (2L) 1000g
New Zealand Orange Roughy Fish Fillet 600gNew Zealand Orange Roughy Fish Fillet 600g
魚衝衝魚手指 300g
加拿大 多春魚 150g加拿大 多春魚 150g
泰國仿蟹腳肉 450g泰國仿蟹腳肉 450g
仿炸帶子 150g仿炸帶子 150g
凍煮蟶子 500g凍煮蟶子 500g
方形蝦多士 1000g方形蝦多士 1000g
日式香酥魷魚條 300g日式香酥魷魚條 300g
全殼熟蜆 500g全殼熟蜆 500g
仿鮑片 300g
天婦羅炸蝦 200g
日本 鳴門卷 150g日本 鳴門卷 150g